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  • Back in the day, the Kihei have enjoyed a long run as a popular Chinese restaurant at the Heartland Plaza in Walpole, Massachusetts. When Stop & Shop bought over the plaza, the Kihei and many other stores had to find new homes.

Some moved, some never returned. The Kihei, now Kihei dynasty, fortunately, found a nearby location on the opposite side of Country Donuts - formerly the home of Adap Auto Parts, and before that, Plywood Lumber.

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The best part is that it's the only Chinese food place in the area that is open late. A hidden gem and a great surprise find for us!

-Greg C. from Yelp

The food is excellent and this is one Chinese venue which still served rolls with dinner. Their prices are fantastic...plan on taking home the leftovers as the portions are generous, but not overwhelming. They also serve the orignial Chinese crispy thin noodles with all their chow mein dishes…The soups are great, the main dishes fabulous...and the appetizers are just how you remember them...served hot and delicious.

-BeeMelissa from TripAdvisor

Most delicious:

Kihei Fried Rice
Cooked white and loaded with a little of everything: Roast Pork, Ham, Chicken, Baby Shrimps and Vegetables.

PuPu Platter (for two)
A classic combination of appetizers. Includes (1) Egg Roll, (2) Fried Shrimps, (4) Beef Teriyaki, (6) Chicken Fingers, (6) Chicken Wings, and Boneless Spareribs.