Best Chinese Restaurant in Walpole, MA

Back in the day, the Kihei have enjoyed a long run as a popular Chinese restaurant at the Heartland Plaza in Walpole, Massachusetts. When Stop & Shop bought over the plaza, the Kihei and many other stores had to find new homes. Some moved, some never returned. The Kihei, now Kihei dynasty, fortunately, found a nearby location on the opposite side of Country Donuts - formerly the home of Adap Auto Parts, and before that, Plywood Lumber.

Written by Eric Hurwitz of Visiting New England

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Cooked white and loaded with a little of everything: Roast Pork, Ham, Chicken, Baby Shrimps and Vegetables.

Combo of appetizers: (1) Egg Roll, (2) Fried Shrimps, (4) Beef Teriyaki, (6) Chicken Fingers, (6) Chicken Wings, and Boneless Spareribs.

Cripsy chicken sauteed in a tangy sweet citrus sesame sauce. Served on a bed of broccoli. A favorite dish of Kihei Dynasty!