Kihei Dynasty's Story

After 41 years of service, the Kihei remains just as popular as ever and still serving up those classic Chinese/Polynesian dishes and drinks.

Pu Pu platters with powerful, long-lasting flames, pork fried rice, luncheon combination specials, egg rolls, General Gau chicken and all the usual "Americanized" Chinese food suspects make for some of the best old school Chinese food we've had anywhere -- and at rock-bottom prices. What's more, the Kihei serves huge portions, most likely creating leftovers even for those with the biggest appetites. Service is absolutely fantastic -- family-oriented, attentive and friendly. The atmosphere is typical for a throwback suburban Chinese restaurant with red-colored formica seating, plain tables, slightly worn rugs, plastic plates with a faint Oriental theme, and wood paneling on the walls. The closest thing we heard to background Chinese music was the mandolin solo from Rod Stewart's 1971 hit single "Maggie May" coming from a boombox.

With a separate bar and a main dining room, the Kihei is fairly spacious, belying the fact that it is located in this seemingly small-looking building behind the gas station.

This 1970s-style Chinese restaurant will have you saying what they also say at the front of this building: "Filler Up!" The Kihei truly caters to the hungry Chinese Food afficiandao looking for this type of cuisine done the right way!

Written by Eric Hurwitz of Visiting New England

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    The best part is that it's the only Chinese food place in the area that is open late. A hidden gem and a great surprise find for us!

    Greg C., Review from Yelp

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    There's a phrase that says, "a hidden gem" or "a diamond in the rough." This restaurant nails it. This restaurant has such delicious food that makes me wanna come back whenever I'm in Walpole. This is truly a find.

    David T., Review from Google

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    For that that love old school Chinese/Polynesian style food, the Kihei Dynasty is a true hidden gem that serves mounds of Chinese food with good value, friendly efficient service and a rather plain, but comfortable dining room and bar area. Located in the back of a gas station, it's a little hard to find. Locals generally rave about the Kihei, which has withstood the test of time by being in business since 1976. If our appetites are big on a given day, the Kihei resides on our dining "A" list!

    Visiting New England Review from Google

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    What a hidden jewel! The dining room is classic and comfortable. We order the sesame chicken it was awesome! Also the tibbit #1 and it had the best crab rangoons I have ever had. We also had the chance to clean chop suey yum and the chicken lo mein dinner so good. I. You are in the area check it out. The service was great also.

    Mark T., Review from Yelp